UV/LED Nail Art Gel Lacquer Top + Base Clear Coats

UV/LED Nail Art Gel Lacquer Top + Base Clear Coats
UV/LED Nail Art Gel Lacquer Top + Base Clear Coats
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5 Review(s)

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Previous to trying these gel polishes, I was in love with gelish polishes. I was hoping to find something more budget friendly and I decided to give Bundle Monster a try. This is so horribly cliche, but I wish I had discovered and tried it sooner! It is so amazing! I like these so much better than the gelish polishes!

They apply smooth, cure fast, don't peel or yellow, the base coat is beautifully thick and the top coat is quite thin. I do find that the top coat can sometimes trap bubbles which result in "holes" in the layer, but it is easily fixable with another coat and it has a beautiful high shine finish. If I could change anything about these polishes, it would be to have a brush with short, clear bristles, but that is just personal preference.
Kristy ·1 month(s) ago
Awesome, they work amazingly. Cure perfectly and are thick enough to make glitter seem smooth under the top coat. Base coat works great too!
jasmin ·11 month(s) ago
I am a beauty school student and with all of the practices we make dayly regular nail polish chips really fast. Drugstore bran gel polishes are more expensive than BMC and do not last even a week. These were given to me by my aunt. I have tried this set with other brands of gel polish and they work amazingly. I used these on my manicure practice with my friend from beauty school. She has done everything from blow drying, to washing heads, even using acetone to remove other peoples nail polish and it still has not faded, chipped or pealed. She loves her nails! My other friend is a nail tech and when she saw these and learned about the price she was really interested and I will order some for her to try. This product is amazing and the price makes this deal even better.
Leena Torres
Jonathan ·20 month(s) ago
I tested this with 6 other top coats and BMC did not discolor the swatch. It was a true clear coat. Others had a yellow tint. Just wish I could get just the Top Coat.
Patricia ·22 month(s) ago
I ordered this in the set with Fantasia. I'm reviewing these separately because I really like Fantasia, and these are the biggest disappointment I've had from BundleMonster.

BMC gels always have an excessively long soak off, but combined with the base and topcoat, it was just ridiculously stupid. I used Avatar City with another base and topcoat, and had done some stamping, then a regular polish mani, and I inadvertently mostly soaked the polish off my index finger so it popped off. I didn't have time for a full soak off and new polish, so I decided to test out the BMC base on that one nail. The other base had 3 coats of color and 2 topcoats, the BMC 2 coats of color and one of topcoat. After a 30 minute soak using my NailMates, all of the other bc polishes had soaked off. Not the BMC base and top! So I kept soaking. At 55 minutes, only a mm or so had lifted around the edges. I had added more acetone to the pad 2x in that time. Since it still didn't seem to be going anywhere or lifting any more, I scraped it off. After almost an hour of soaking in straight acetone, I had to scrape more than 90% of the polish off the nail.

On top of that, when I used the topcoat the first time, it went from shiny and gorgeous to weirdly cloudy when I took the tacky layer off on some nails. I don't know whether it just wasn't fully cured or what, but a layer of another brand fixed it.

I did give this two golden rings because they are dirt cheap in the set, and I think they'll work well for just a base and topcoat under regular polishes when not soaking off easily is a good thing.
OtherLenora ·29 month(s) ago

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